Mélanie Mikhail

Melanie Mikhail

My name is Melanie Mikhail, I am 21 years old.
I am a second year master s degree student at INSEEC European Business School Paris. I am seeking an internship in finance or digital from January 2019 I am bulding my experience between school and work, I always felt a great pleasure to be in contact with various people.  People say that I am very sociable and smiling. I am serious, motivated and having a great spirit of initiative and a good sense of organization I came to San Francisco for a digital expedition. We learn lot of subjects like coding, history of the bay area, digital marketing & growth hacking, lean startup methodology. this experience has taught me a lot and enriches what will allow me to carry out my professional project. If I have the enjoyment to join your team, I will do all my best to involve myself fully

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Mélanie Mikhail Mélanie Mikhail Mélanie Mikhail
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