My travel in San Francisco

I visited San Francisco, a city that is incomparably different in its cultural diversity, tolerance and outward-looking outlook. In many neighborhoods, Victorian homes still stand. Sown at the mercy of the famous hills and sloping streets, they undeniably contribute to making San Francisco one of the most beautiful cities in the world. San Francisco has impressed me with its human size, its many neighborhoods (as different in their decor and atmosphere as their population, cable cars that run down the streets, beaches and parks, to the iconic Golden Gate. Some corners, like the Tenderloin, at the western margins of the Downtown, concentrate the abandoned by the hundreds. I enjoyed all the small neighborhood I saw, each with a different history and culture, I took the opportunity to interview some tradesmen who told me the story of their neighborhood, including Union square which is the heart of the city that rings bells of cable cars, a real swirl of chic shops and stalls of florists. Past the green jade gates of Chinatown, you arrive in another world. The Chinatown of San Francisco has long served as a haven for a community today perfectly assimilated, but remains attached to its origins Several interesting buildings line the Financial District. The Financial District of San Francisco, has been able to reconvert itself in new sectors as evidenced by its skyscrapers, seats of financial institutions built. In San Francisco, the best addresses are in Pacific Heights which has all the characteristics of an elitist residential area Soma is the abbreviation commonly used to design the San Francisco area that stretches south of Market Street. The district of Mission District (Mexican district) east of Castro district has undergone an astonishing cure of youth in recent years. New immigrants of various origins have considerably renewed their population. Haight Ashbury This neighborhood (whose name comes from two downtown streets) was born when the good society decided to flee the pollution. It reached its peak after the great fire of 1906. The low rents attrakobcted the hippies of the "flower power" in the 60s. Castro District Former "world capital of gays", the neighborhood continues to amaze by the excitement of its cafes, bars and nightclubs. This is where gays began to appear in the 70s.

Mélanie Mikhail Mélanie Mikhail